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4 colors Ballpoint Pen


Product Name: 4 colors Ballpoint Pen

Color: Black, Blue, Red, Green

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 14cm x 1cm

Weight: 11g+/-


  • [Versatility] One of the main benefits of a 4 color ballpoint pen is its versatility. It allows you to switch between four different ink colors ( black, blue, red, and green) with a simple click, providing options for different purposes. You can use different colors for note-taking, highlighting, organizing information, or adding visual interest to your writing.
  • [Convenience] With a 4 color ballpoint pen, you don’t need to carry multiple pens of different colors. It saves space in your bag or pocket and ensures you have different color options readily available whenever you need them. This convenience is particularly useful for students, professionals, and anyone who frequently uses different ink colors in their work.
  • [Organization] The different ink colors of a 4 color pen can help you organize your notes and information more effectively. For example, you can assign specific colors for headings, subheadings, key points, or different types of information. This makes it easier to scan through your notes and quickly locate relevant details.
  • [Color Coding] Color coding can enhance your productivity and comprehension. By using different colors for different purposes, you can create a visual hierarchy and make important information stand out. For example, you could use red for corrections or emphasis, green for important dates or deadlines, blue for main ideas, and black for regular text. This system helps you grasp information more efficiently and aids in memory retention.