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5in1 Multifunction Pen


Product Name: 5in1 Multifunction Pen

Color: Silver, Sea Blue, Bronze,  Gold, Black, Royal Blue, Orange

Material: Plastic

Size: 14cm

Weight: 15g


  • [Space-Saving and Convenient]: Combining multiple functions into one pen reduces the need to carry multiple writing tools and accessories. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer to travel light or have limited space.
  • [Versatility]: The inclusion of various functions in a single pen makes it versatile for different tasks. Whether you need to take notes, highlight important information, use your smartphone, or clean your screen, a 5-in-1 pen can handle these tasks without the need for additional tools.
  • [Efficiency]: Having multiple functions in one pen can enhance overall efficiency. You can seamlessly switch between writing, highlighting, using the stylus on a touchscreen device, and cleaning your screen without having to reach for different tools.

50-300, 301++