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A5 Flat Water Bottle


Product Name: A5 Flat Water Bottle

Color: Black, Sea Blue, Lime Green

Capacity: 420ml

Material: AS Plastic

Size: A5 size 14cm x 21.5cm x 3.2cm

Weight: –


  • [Portability] A flat water bottle is designed to be slim and compact, making it highly portable. Its thin profile allows it to easily fit into bags, backpacks, purses, or even laptop sleeves without occupying much space. This portability makes it convenient to carry your water bottle wherever you go, whether it’s to the office, gym, or during outdoor activities.
  • [Space-saving] The flat design of the water bottle allows it to fit in tight spaces more efficiently. This is especially useful when you have limited storage space or need to pack other essentials in your bag. Whether you’re traveling or organizing your belongings, the A5 size flat water bottle helps optimize space utilization.
  • [Discreetness] The slim profile of a flat water bottle enables it to be discreetly carried or concealed, if desired. It can easily slide into a laptop bag or briefcase without creating a bulge or drawing attention. This feature can be particularly useful in professional or formal settings where carrying a water bottle might not be the norm.
  • [Style and aesthetics]A5 size flat water bottles often feature sleek and modern designs, offering a stylish alternative to traditional water bottles. They come in various colors, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to choose a bottle that matches your personal style or preferences. Using a visually appealing water bottle can also serve as a fashion accessory or conversation starter.


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