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A6 Leather Cover Notebook


Product Name: A6 Leather Cover Notebook

Color: Gray, Green, Pink, Blue, Navy Blue, Sky Blue

Material: PU Leather, Paper

Size: 10cm x 14.5cm

Weight: 80gsm 100 sheets


  • [Organization and Planning] Notebooks provide a structured space for organizing your thoughts, ideas, and plans. They allow you to create to-do lists, set goals, make outlines, and track progress. By having everything in one place, you can easily refer back to your notes and stay organized.
  • [Creativity and Brainstorming] Notebooks offer a blank canvas for creativity and brainstorming. They encourage free-form thinking, doodling, sketching, and mind mapping. The unstructured nature of a notebook allows you to explore ideas, make connections, and unleash your creativity without limitations.
  • [Focus and Concentration] Using a notebook provides a focused and distraction-free environment for your thoughts. Unlike digital devices that can be prone to interruptions from notifications and other apps, a notebook allows you to concentrate on the task at hand without the risk of digital distractions.

50-300, 301++


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