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Automatic Stirring Mug


Product Name: Automatic Stirring Mug

Color:  White, Brown

Capacity:  –

Material: Rubber + Stainless Steel inside

Size: 9cm x 13.5cm

Weight: –


  • [Convenience]  With an automatic stirring mug, you don’t have to manually stir your drink, which can be particularly helpful if you are busy or on-the-go. The built-in mechanism can quickly and easily stir your drink for you, allowing you to focus on other things.
  • [Efficiency] An automatic stirring mug can save you time and energy since you don’t have to spend time stirring your drink manually. This can be particularly helpful if you need to make multiple drinks at once or if you have a busy schedule.
  • [Improved taste] By ensuring that all of the ingredients are well-mixed, an automatic stirring mug can help improve the taste of your drink. This is particularly true for drinks that require thorough mixing, such as hot chocolate or protein shakes.


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