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Oval Webcam Cover


Product Name: Oval Webcam Cover

Color:  Black

Material:  Abs

Size: 9.2 mm x 18 mm x 0.7 mm

Weight: 0.5g


  • [Privacy Protection] : One of the primary reasons for using a webcam cover is to safeguard your privacy. It ensures that no one can access your webcam and potentially spy on you without your knowledge or consent. This is particularly important as cyber threats and hacking attempts become more common.
  • [Prevent Unauthorized Access] : A webcam cover physically blocks the camera lens, making it impossible for hackers, malware, or unauthorized individuals to access your webcam and capture images or videos of you.
  • [Security from Webcam Hacking] : Webcam hacking, often referred to as “camfecting,” is a real concern. Cybercriminals can gain access to your webcam, but a cover provides an additional layer of protection to prevent this from happening.
  • [Physical Protection] : In addition to privacy and security, a webcam cover can also help protect the camera lens from dust, debris, and potential scratches. This can extend the lifespan and functionality of your device.

50-300, 301++