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Color Changing Alarm Clock


Product Name: Color Changing Alarm Clock

Color: White(Outer Case), LED Changing Light

Material: Plastic

Size : 7.8cm x 7.8cm x 7.8cm


  • [Aesthetic Appeal]: Beyond the functional benefits, color-changing alarm clocks can add a visually appealing element to your bedroom. The ability to choose different colors allows you to match the clock to your décor or create a specific atmosphere.
  • [Time Management]: Alarm clocks help you stay organized by ensuring you wake up, start your day, or attend appointments and meetings on time. They act as a reliable timekeeping tool to structure your daily activities.
  • [Productivity]: Setting alarms can be a helpful productivity tool. It allows you to allocate specific time blocks for tasks, meetings, or breaks, helping you manage your time more efficiently throughout the day.

50-300, 301++


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