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Large Pill Box with Pill Cutter


Product Name: Large Pill Box with Pill Cutter

Color: Grey, Pink

Material: Abs

Size : 12.1cm x 6.9cm x 1.8cm

Weight: 90g


  • [Convenient Pill Splitting] : The built-in pill cutter allows users to split pills accurately. This is particularly useful when a prescribed dose requires half a tablet.
  • [Medication Management] : Pillboxes help individuals keep track of their medication regimen by organizing pills by day or time. This is especially useful for those who need to take multiple medications throughout the day.
  • [Convenience] : Pillboxes are portable and convenient, allowing individuals to carry their medications with them throughout the day without the need to carry multiple pill bottles.
  • [Travel-Friendly] : Pillboxes are easy to pack and take on trips, making it simpler to adhere to medication schedules while away from home.

50-300, 301++