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Oxford Cooler Bag


Product Name: Oxford Cooler Bag

Color:  Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey

Material: Oxford Fabric, EPE, Aluminium Foil

Size: 22cm x  26cm x 11cm

Weight: –


  • [Food and drink preservation] Cooler bags are specifically designed to keep food and drinks cold, which helps to prevent them from spoiling or becoming unsafe to eat or drink. This is particularly useful for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping trips, or beach days, where access to refrigeration may be limited.
  • [Convenience]  Lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to transport. They are designed with handles, which makes them easy to carry, even when fully loaded.
  • [Sustainability]  By using a cooler bag, you can reduce the need for disposable plastic bags or Styrofoam containers, which are harmful to the environment. Cooler bags are reusable and can be used again and again, which makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.
  • [Protection]  Cooler bags provide protection for your food and drinks from external factors such as heat, sunlight, or moisture. They also provide a level of protection against accidental spills or leaks.


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