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Wireless Laser Presenter


Product Name: Wireless Laser Presenter

Color:  Black

Material: ABS

Size : 13cm X 2cm x 1cm

Control Distance:  20m

Laser: Red Color travel up to 200m

Power By: 1pcs AAA battery


  • [Enhanced Control]: Wireless laser presenters provide you with full control over your presentation. You can easily navigate slides, start or pause videos, and emphasize specific points with precision, reducing the need to rely on a computer mouse or keyboard.
  • [Professionalism]: Using a wireless laser presenter adds a professional touch to your presentation. It conveys confidence and helps you engage with your audience more effectively.
  • [Freedom of Movement]: Wireless presenters allow you to move around the room while presenting, which is particularly useful when interacting with your audience or highlighting specific points. You’re not tethered to your computer or podium, which enhances engagement and interaction.
  • [Audience Engagement]: The laser pointer feature is especially valuable for directing your audience’s attention to specific details, diagrams, charts, or images on your slides. It helps maintain engagement and guide your audience’s focus.

50-300, 301++


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